A Mint on the Pillow, or a Multiscreen LED Video Wall?

It is not surprising how competitive the hospitality industry is; any advantage is taken to ensure that guests have the most positive experience that they can. From walking through the door, to leaving the premises, every thing should appear perfect, even if, like the proverbial swan, you’re paddling away like crazy underneath the surface.

Studies show that it only takes a few seconds for a guest to form an opinion of your hotel, and it’s far too easy to turn a positive impression into a negative one, and almost impossible to turn negative to positive; therefore the experience, from the first second needs to be as positive as possible.

While steps like improving front desk service to ensure smooth check-ins or leaving welcome packages for guests are certainly important, hotels are seeking new ways to compete with the number of overnight alternatives.

For many, LED video walls can provide an opportunity to improve the overall guest experience in a visually engaging way. In the main lobby, for example, attractive screens can remind guests about upcoming events, give advice on local tourism attractions, and even function as an opportunity for discreet paid advertising. Many hotels are seeing the benefits of establishing a live social media feed, and an LED screen displaying pictures and posts from their guests would provides a unique and immediate way for guests, staff and the wider world to connect.

LED digital signage also offers entertainment for guests. It can include news headlines, sports scores, entertainment news, and more. These may be displayed on parts of the screen rather than the whole thing. Because digital signage design has become very adaptable, the top half of the LED display could be playing promotions, while real-time content flows at the bottom.

Should an event occur, weather or traffic related or any other emergency situation, you need to disperse information quickly and accurately. Using screens to pass on this information will assist in keeping the guests calm. Your signs can be updated at any time and across all screens in a network, so you have a flexible, adaptable channel.

As part of the hotel’s infrastructure, LED displays can be placed strategically to provide guests with simple directions. Wandering around a large hotel, it’s tremendously frustrating not to be able to find the spa, or Conference Room #3, so video signage can alleviate that problem. And once you arrive at CR #3, more signage can display the day’s itinerary, with unique, event-specific branding.

A tech savvy industry?

As the client base for the tourism industry becomes more tech savvy, having amenities that cater to their preferences is increasingly important. Advertising room upgrades, and the less used premium services, will make the hotel even more appealing, while beautifully designed video displays bring an aesthetic advantage, drawing in new clientele.

Adding an interactive option to your displays also provides the ability to implement a digital kiosk based check-in service. As strange as it may sound, adding this simple service actually draws in new clients, with surveys finding that nearly one half of guests prefer hotels that offer a simple technology-driven check-in option.

As the hospitality industry undergoes rapid technological changes, hotels have to adapt in order to keep ahead of current trends. By integrating LED displays into multiple facets of their day-to-day operations, hotel managers can vastly improve the overall client experience.