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Often involving day and evening events in the same, shared space, conferences can be complicated to organise, with specialised equipment suited to each event having to be installed and managed.

Not only will each event have a different purpose which must be reflected in the audio visual package, but both present varied challenges. For example, although I am sure you are aware that the lighting requirements will differ greatly, are you also aware that people’s concentration levels change and thus their ability to take in sensory information? Our experts will take this, and much more, into account when advising for your particular conference.

There may even be language barriers to overcome, for which we can supply high quality translation booths, IR wireless receivers and distribution systems.


We already have good business relationships and approved status with many of the country’s conference venues, so are the ideal choice to supply and organise your event.


You’ll always receive a dedicated, personalised service from our team of experts.


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