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Outdoor LED Video Wall Hire

When it comes to hosting outdoor events, so many factors have to be considered if you plan to use an outdoor LED video wall – the weather, the footing, lighting and so on; however, We can take care of everything for you, allowing for a stress-free experience.

An LED video wall is visually stunning, and guaranteed to turn heads. In an outdoor setting, capturing your audience’s attention can seem like an impossible task, but people flock towards a wall of light, as it provides, along with the obvious information, a guide to where they should stand and look.

Adding an outdoor LED Wall to your event will really help in giving it the wow factor.  Our Outdoor LED Walls are suitable for a wide range of outdoor functions and events. They are a fantastic way of engaging and broadcasting to both large and small events. Product launches, concerts, festivals and sporting events are all massively enhanced by adding a large screen for your audience to be completely immersed in the event.


An LED Wall is like a giant tv screen, made up of many tiles connected together. Each tile is made up of many individual LEDs, depending on the spec of the tile the LED’s are closer together or further apart, this is known as the pitch. Each LED produces 3 colours – Red, Green and Blue, which are used to create infinite colours. When you stand away from the wall you don’t see the individual pixels, just the final image created by them.


LED Walls are a cost-effective High-Tech solution to what is becoming an expectation from event audiences today. With most people watching high budget tv shows such as the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent large video backdrops and super sharp visuals are being seen daily, our clients in turn are expecting to see this kind of thing as the norm.


We can assist you in creating a screen for any sized event from a small product launch in a shopping centre to large moving backdrops for concerts and festivals, please call us for more information and a quotation to suit your event.

An outdoor LED display is a powerful medium for an advertising campaign, promotion, or event, as a backdrop to a staged production, or to enhance a sporting experience.

Our screens come in a range of resolutions to suit every requirement, each with an optimum viewing distance – 3.0, 3.9 and 4.9, and to protect from adverse weather and lighting conditions, they also have an unobtrusive weather proof covering which protects the screen, but doesn’t hinder the image in any way.

Our LED screens have been used for many successful events, including:

  • Corporate events
  • Product launches
  • Seminars, lectures, demonstrations
  • Advertising
  • Sports events

  • Theatre backdrops
  • Airshows
  • Roadshows
  • Lectures
  • Art installations


We will provide you with a team of experienced video engineers to assist with your exact requirements, programming the system and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. In order to combat the challenging changing conditions of an outdoor display, our system is able to, seamlessly, alter the brightness mid-presentation, if necessary, keeping the images clear, bright and vibrant.


An LED video wall can turn a mundane presentation into a spectacular visual display. With high resolution images, animation and text, there is no ignoring the impact a full size video wall will have.