Advantages of using LED video walls for outdoor events
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LED video walls, composed of multiple displays layered together to form a single large screen, offer unmatched flexibility in size and shape. These video walls have a profound impact on businesses across various industries by enhancing customer engagement and improving operational efficiency in today’s interconnected world. They serve as ideal tools for conveying information in diverse settings, such as corporate workspaces, public areas, waiting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, mission-critical control rooms, and lobbies outfitted with digital signage.

Multiple sectors using this technology have resulted in an increased demand for outdoor LED video walls. As various sectors have unveiled the effectiveness of LED video walls, it is more likely to be seen how efficiently the outdoor LED video wall will dominate the market in the time bracket. 

An outdoor LED video wall installation can bring multiple opportunities as its high resolution and vibrant colours grab the maximum attention. There are various events where the LED video wall serves diverse benefits.

LED video walls

Undoubtedly, the LED video walls are the soul of any event, whether indoor or outdoor. In recent times, LED video walls have become very popular as they are suitable for every type of event and keep everyone engaged. There are various benefits of integrating LED video walls for outdoor events. A few of them are the following:

Visually pleasing

Well, we live in a world where visuals significantly impact our minds. However, when you look around for the best visuals to enhance audience engagement, LED wall screens are the most reliable option. LED screens are well known for their mesmerising colours and higher image quality, which makes every visual crystal clear and enjoyable. Despite the nature of the event, LEDs have been the best possible choice, as you can easily customise the shape and the format as per the requirements of the event.

Flexible shape

Along with multiple other advantages, one of the biggest advantages of hiring an LED video wall is its versatility and flexibility. Setting up an LED is easy yet affordable, as it is highly adjustable according to the requirements. Moreover, the placement of the LED TVs can easily be customised. You can simply use it as a free stand or hang it up as per what you require. 

Moreover, the LEDs can blend in with the whole theme of the event, including the stage lighting and the backgrounds. Despite the size of the event’s venue, you can fit in your LED, as it provides the ideal visual experience to every single person in the audience. 

Vigorous content display 

Well, when it comes to the ability of LED video walls to display the content, you need to keep in mind whether the event is indoor or outdoor. You can totally transform the whole event with an astonishing content display. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the size and the shape, as with the LED, you can customise any way you want according to the content you are displaying and mainly the space available. 

Cost friendly

Compared to multiple other options, outdoor LED walls are usually cheap and cost-efficient without any compromises on the quality of the display. Moreover, numerous LED video wall rentals provide excellent services at very manageable prices. They save you from buying expensive high-tech equipment and provide the best tech support within the package. Major companies like LED Video Wall-Hire provide newly updated technology without any hassle of maintenance. Moreover, they allow you to personally optimise and customise the LEDs as per your requirements. 

Moreover, you can easily hire multiple other AV equipment alongside, as the total cost usually is less than renting everything separately. However, when it comes to outdoor events, various other essential gadgets and equipment are required to make the event successful. However, the LED video wall hire takes care of everything. 

Easy installation

LED video walls are very convenient when it comes to installation and support services. Multiple LED screen rentals simply provide extensive technical support for the event, which extends to match the event requirements. Moreover, LED video walls are known for their quick installation and pack-up system, yet a team of technicians is required to make this quick process more effective.

However, when you are choosing an LED video wall rental, ensure that they have the required experience to operate outdoor events. Outdoor events typically require higher technical abilities to generate the best possible output. It not only ensures the best optimal visual experiences but provides the ultimate peace of mind, 

Astonishing experience

In outdoor events, the LED video walls can really add that WOW factor as unlikely as other indoor events, which have multiple other equipment and AV to keep the audience attracted. However, to make sure that your event is a full success. It is important to make your event more attractive and engaging with all the visuals offered by the LED video walls. LED screens produce unforgettable experiences as an interactive feature or as an amazing backdrop. Long after your event is over, your guests will undoubtedly still be talking about them. It is impossible to overestimate the influence on audience participation and event success.

However, incorporating the LED video wall hire not only helps to produce visually pleasing displays but also ensures that the audience is fully engaged and controls the whole atmosphere. 

Advantages and disadvantages of using LED video walls

There are multiple advantages of renting an outdoor LED video wall, yet you cannot ignore the cons and disadvantages of using LED video walls for outdoor events. 

Advantages of using video walls for outdoor eventsDisadvantages of using video walls for outdoor events 
  1. There’s no doubt that video walls for outdoor events are safe as they are made of durable material. 
  2. If you question the visuals, the level of brightness is quite high as it has to deal with the sunlight. 
  3. The installation process doesn’t require much effort, as you can easily relocate it without such hardship.
  4. If you choose a good company to hire from or purchase an average LED screen, it is actually constructed using high-quality equipment that can survive in various weather conditions depending on the designated area.
  1. Based on the size of the LED and the requirement, if you look forward to purchasing one, it might cost you a lot.
  2. The overall cost can be affected as the electricity consumption is pretty high.
  3. Well, if you plan to use it for a while, you might need to keep up with the maintenance and the cooling system to keep everything steady and smooth.
  4. If you avail yourself of the services from a not very well-known and reputed company, there is a higher chance of damage.
  5. There is a higher chance of malfunctioning as the LED video screens are installed outdoors.


Installing LED video walls at outdoor events offers multiple advantages. These include higher levels of brightness, reliable and durable lifespan, better pixels, and display. However, the decision is largely based on which company and rental you choose to use the services. London has multiple service-providing companies, and the goal is to select the best. 

LED Video Wall-Hire provide the ultimate AV equipment and the best consultancy for your event, helping ensure a high success rate. This blog offers precise assistance regarding the usage of LED video walls for outdoor events. For further assistance, you can simply book an appointment at LED Video Wall-Hire and clear all your doubts. 


Currently, how well is the LED video wall market performing globally?

The performance has been excellent as the LED video wall market is expected to grow by 11.8% and reach £37.6 bn by 2030.

What are the advantages of indoor video walls?

It is considered very cost-efficient.  Moreover, it is very flexible in size and can easily be customised.  LED walls are very lightweight and slim in size, so it is also highly convenient to install them. It can easily be compacted into smaller sizes as it can easily disassembled at any time, anywhere.

LEDs are very durable and have a high lifespan. Moreover, you dont have to spend alot on the maintenance of the indoor LED video walls compared to outdoor LED screens. It has highly compact pixels with high resolution to make sure the displays are mesmerising enough.

How can you achieve high resolution and visibility with outdoor LED video walls?

The first thing that must come to mind when discussing LED visuals is improved and high visibility. Nonetheless, the following advice will assist in achieving great visibility. 

Choose a spot that will enhance visibility for the LED video wall installation. Additionally, the LED’s placement can draw attention due to better viewing angles. For optimal visibility, it is advised to install the LED higher during very crowded events.

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