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The event industries nowadays revolve around aesthetically pleasing visuals. However, LED video walls are the most effective yet efficient way to create such visuals. It provides a top-notch quality display within your budget. They are known to provide the best and the most personalized services. 

However, it’s one of the most engaging experiences if we just talk about building a customised video wall. In this comprehensive blog, we will be discussing twelve different steps for building a video wall and some of the major benefits it could provide to enhance the experience. Whether you are a beginner or looking forward to enhancing the already-built setup, you can find all your answers in this guide. 

What is a video wall?

LED video walls are big walls used in a wide range of events worldwide. Their display technology is built by combining numerous LED TVs to provide the most striking and attention-grabbing visuals. The LED video wall is expanding rapidly as it serves multiple services, ensuring you experience uniqueness every time. Numerous big AV projects cater to large crowds with exceptional visuals. 

Analyse the basics

It is very important to analyse the reasons you need LED video walls. This provides a crystal clear picture of how to build a video wall and for what purposes. 


Firstly, you need to understand what sort of event it will be: educational, corporate, or any social event. Once you figure out th event type, it will be easy to determine the purpose of installing the LED video wall. Whether the event’s purpose is advertisements, entertaining your client, or educational and corporate events, you are sharing any information. 

Point of installation

You need to determine where you are willing to install the LED video wall. This is basically the area of focus throughout the event. You need to consider a few other factors, including the crowd, visibility, and, most importantly, the availability of the space. All of these factors combine to ensure the best location for installation. 

Budget to spend

It is essential to come up with an identified budget prepared beforehand so it becomes possible to allocate a fixed amount to each thing. The cost spent on various LED video walls is always different. Moreover, you need to fix an amount that clearly aligns with the goals of the event. 

Design the layout 

Designing the layout is very important as it gives you free will to understand which type of event arrangement you look forward to. 

Determine the LED arrangement 

Make a layout in which you must decide how to arrange your screen. There are a few standard configurations that you can utilise. Including the following; 

  1. 2×2
  2. 3×3
  3. 4×4 

However, you must choose one on the basis of how your audience is going to view the screens. 

Size of the screen 

The screen size matters alot as it impacts the visuals. Ensure that the size is reasonable according to the overall venue size.  

Seamless bezels

A few compensation techniques have been introduced to ensure seamless and smooth visuals. Ensure that there’s no interruption in the screen while displaying the content.

Essential elements of LED Video wall:

Before you learn how to create a video wall, you must first learn the components of the video wall. Knowing the aspects and understanding what makes the video wall creative is crucial. The screens are an essential part, but besides it, other elements make the video component necessary to attain a successful video wall.

Display screens:

Various screens make a video wall creative; those that are known for making collages are the digital displays. Depending on the features and the size, commercial grade, and consumers desired accordingly for LED. These screens are used for visualizing the images, the texts, and other content. They are also in demand for their slim design and lack of burn-in.

LED screens are popular because of the market demand and for the choice of displays due to their energy-efficient nature. They are prolific in displaying videos under bright visuals; with the minimal sizes, they’re unbeatable as compared to many. However, the LED is made of light-emitting diodes to produce a top-notch and cutting-edge quality display. Compared to LCD screens, the LED screen has wide viewing angles and is energy efficient. LED screens are well known for their brighter environmental display, as they are ideal with thinner bezels and bright video walls, but they are ascertainable and thus require more power.

Media Player:

The electronic device enables it to connect to the video wall setup and helps display the content from the storage. Bringing up the software access and confronting multiple screens for one image display allows one to scale, adjust, and arrange the content. 


The content management software permits the users to access and manage the content to be displayed on the screens.


The content can be anything, texts, pictures, and videos. Which associates with and engages the audience.

Guide to building a video wall 

Building a video wall is not as easy as you might think. It may require some effort to assemble one. However, this step-by-step will help you to create a video wall with a seamless display screen;

  1. What is the purpose?

All you have to do is define the main objective and the goal you want your LED video wall to achieve. This may refer to advertising, informative content display, and, of course, fun and entertainment. Moreover, calculate the size of the screen you require for your event so that your client can have a clear view. However, the screen’s size and resolution depend on the content you will display to your audience and in which format. Once you are aligned with the main purpose, the next step starts. 

  1. Did you choose the right hardware?

Choosing rough hardware is essential to deliver the best quality content and make the audience’s experience top-notch. Firstly, ensure that the display screen is compatible with the resolution and aspect ratio content.

  1. How do you design the layout?

The next step is to design a layout; it’s not as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is measure the space where you are looking forward to building a video wall. In layout, you have to keep three things in mind: placing the screen, orientation of the screen, and management of cables. However, while designing a layout, make sure to leave enough space for ventilation to avoid heat-up. Additionally, there is some space for technicians to pass through in any case of malfunctioning. 

  1. Integrate the video wall controller.

All you must do is invest in the video wall controller to manage multiple screens and content resources. 

  1. Interlink with the playback system.

Don’t forget to align it with the content resources, media players, computers, or other gadgets. Ensure the content’s resolution aligns with the LED screen’s ratio beforehand. 

  1. Calibration is important

All you have to do is calibrate the screens, which helps to ensure that the display is just perfect in every aspect, including bright colors. Moreover, you have to adjust the bezels to lower the pixel pitch. 

  1. Manage the cable and the wiring

Ensure that the cables and wires being used are all high-end quality to avoid any sort of glitches and malfunctioning. Moreover, ensure the wires are all aligned and not showcased on the floor, as it may lead to an accident. 

  1. Strong network connections.

It’s undoubtedly a very basic step, but it ensures all the connections and networks are stable. Connect the LED wall screen to the network to control the content remotely without any disruption. 

  1. Don’t forget to test

Testing is a really important step as it helps resolve all the glitches and problems beforehand. While testing, ensure all display screens and content controllers are synchronized. However, that’s just not it; you have to monitor the screens and keep it maintained till the very end of the event. 

  1. How do you manage content?

You can easily get content management software, which you can use for content scheduling and updation. However, you can make the required changes even when monitoring the video wall. 

  1. The last touchup

Make your screen look flawless and increase its visual appeal to grab more attention. 

  1. Ensure to train staff.

Make sure your staff has enough knowledge to troubleshoot any glitch right on time. 

Benefits of building an LED video wall at your event 

There are multiple benefits that LED video walls provide, which allow you to make your event more mesmerizing and intriguing. 

  1. Provides top-notch screen display

LED video walls help enhance the ambiance and quality of your event. You can maintain your budget and hire a company that will cater to all your requirements and provide a top-quality display.

  1. Very dependable

Hire an LED video wall to enjoy a worry-free event. The company’s tech team provides troubleshooting services and repair services so you can enjoy the event to the fullest. 

  1. Instant installation 

Unlike other screens, LED video walls are more likely to be installed quickly as they’re very easy to carry and light in weight. 

  1. Seamless splicing 

Splicing screens is your solution if you have space issues and do not have a big open space for installing an LED video wall. These LED video walls are highly suitable for seamless displays. 

  1. Cost-efficient 

LED video screens are much cheaper in price and require minimal maintenance. However, you can hire a video wall instead of purchasing such a huge screen. 

  1. Customization 

This is the most essential and vital benefit of LED video walls. You can customize them however you want. It‘s totally up to you to decide the width and height of the LED screens you want for the event. 


Building up an LED video wall is really a very daunting and difficult task. However, this above guide will help you through each step, including the equipment required or the guidance you need to use. To build your own video wall, hire and follow the advice to get your own video wall done, which upgrades the whole ambiance of the environment. Various LED hires help build up a visually captivating wall with high expertise. Manage your budget and install the most valuable gadget to enjoy at your event.


What sort of content am I capable of displaying?

You can display any kind of content targeting any sort of audience. It may include a presentation for educational and corporate purposes. Or you can use it as a digital billboard to level up your advertisement game. 

Do I really need professionals to build up an LED video wall?

Well, that depends on factors like knowledge, resources, and size. Without a doubt, you can accomplish it, but establishing it will require some human resources. Furthermore, the size of the screen you are creating is crucial; managing a large LED screen could be extremely difficult.

Tips to maintain the lifespan of the LED video wall hire?

  1. Make a maintenance schedule and clean it regularly. 
  2. Always keep it updated with the newly emerging software. 

Which is better for a video wall screen—a curved or a flat one? 

Well, that all depends on the circumstances. The curved one, though, is probably going to offer sharper and more stunning images. Curved LED video walls cost more than those with flat surfaces, though.

Are there any different types of video wall solutions?

Video wall implementation is supported by a variety of technologies, including the use of the newest LED wall panels, DLP cubes that provide flawless 24/7 operation, and TFT/LCD monitors with a regular or thin bezel. There are also implementations that use one or more beam projectors.

A video wall’s screen arrangement can be rectangular or can feature a mix of landscape and portrait monitors arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner. However, availing multiple types of video wall solutions can be very beneficial for the events you are looking forward to organising.

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