The Ultimate Guide to LED Screen Hire in London
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In the world of visual aesthetics, LED screens are the focal point in every successful event happening in London. From seminars to product launches, it is LED screen hire that ensures a high-end experience for viewers. 

In order to engage the audience, LED screens are a visual delight to grab attention. LED screen hire plays an equally significant role in making an event successful. 

This blog will help you know the LED screen hire in London in a more comprehensible manner. Let’s start from scratch and dig in smartly.

What is an LED Screen?

What is an LED Screen

In simpler words, an LED screen is a visual display technology comprising flat panels or screens. It is based on an array of light-emitting diodes as pixels to display visuals. The resolution of an LED depends on the distance between the pixels, named pitch pixels.

 It usually comes in different sizes from small to huge-sized screens. Due to its high-quality display and durability, it is an ideal medium for catching the mass attention of bigger audiences. 

Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Screens?

Indoor and outdoor LED screens differ on the basis of their placement. Indoor LED screens are an effective medium in the market to advertise products, businesses, or services.  You might have seen them in airports, offices, restaurants, schools, and shopping malls in different sizes. 

However outdoor LED screens are designed to endure winds, rains, and sandstorms in addition to advertising the products. You might have seen billboards or an LED screen grabbing your attention on the road while waiting for the signal to turn green. Outdoor LED screens have higher pixel pitch and the capacity to withstand direct sunlight and other adverse weather conditions. 

The size of indoor and outdoor LED screens depends on the purpose of their utilization. Indoor LEDs are generally smaller in size as compared to giant outdoor LEDS. 

What is LED screen hire?

LED screen hire means getting the services from LED screen hire companies to brighten up an event by renting their LED screens for a decided time period. Since buying a giant LED screen merely for 4-6 hours is highly expensive, LED screen hire is more lucrative and effective in ensuring the smooth management and setup of the screen. 

Whether it’s a wedding ceremony, conference, formal dinner, exhibition, or convocation, LED screen hire glorifies the events by spicing up the spirits of the audience. 

What are the benefits of LED screen hire?

  • Top-quality screen display:

LED screen hire is an effective source to raise the overall quality of your event. Within the budget and time constraints, LED screen hire companies can help you cater to the issues by providing top-quality screen displays.  

  • Virtual backdrop:

From business meetups, conferences, and fashion shows to Gala dinners, LED screens are the focal point of attention. It serves as the virtual backdrop to grab the attention of the audience. For presenting annual reports and business-related presentations, LED screens are an effective medium to communicate the idea to a large group of people.  

  • Reliable Support:

Another benefit of LED screen hire is, that you don’t need to worry about managing the technical and back-end process of LED screen display. The technician from the LED screen hire company provides technical support to maintain the event flow without hindrance. 

  • Quick installation:

 Its two patent-protected designs, small splicing modules, and lightweight body make it easy to install and reinstall the LED screen in just a few minutes. On the other hand, placing traditional big-sized LED is more time-consuming. 

  • Lightweight and Slim:

   LED screens for rental purposes are usually lightweight and slim which makes them durable and ideal for stage performance and settings. Since the LED screen hire companies have to install them at different venues, they are comparatively lighter in weight than traditional LEDs.

  • Seamless Splicing:

 In case of limited space available for LED screens, splicing screens are ideal for creating uninterrupted images. Splicing LED screens offer high performance and clarity which is a great benefit of using LED screen hire. 

  • Affordable:

  Hiring an LED screen is more affordable than purchasing a giant-sized LED screen. When a  business requires a screen only on any occasion or annual dinner for a specific time, it is budget-saving to hire an LED screen rather than buying one. 

  • Better customization:

LED screen hire companies can tailor to provide LED screens to fit in the desired place. You can customize the display according to your business, products, or event to create a stunning impact with the right products and right details. 

  • Multi-purpose:

LED screens are multi-purpose. It’s an all-in-one solution to cater to the needs of your event. From displaying backdrop images to screening matches and films, LED screen hire company turns out the right partner to smoothen the flow of your event and takes it to the next level.

Where to utilize the LED screen hire in London?

LED screen hire is a trendy idea rather than spending a bunch of dollars just for the sake of a few hours. Almost every business holder in every industry needs to hire an LED screen to outshine their events. 

The usage of LED screen hire in London is mostly noticeable in;

  • AGMS (Annual General Meetings)
  • Press conferences
  • Fashion Shows
  • Seminars
  • Fundraisers
  • Venue Showcases
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Product Launches
  • Film/Match screenings
  • Conference
  • Outdoor events/Concerts
  • Dinners

What features do you need to consider in LED Screen hire?

When looking for an LED screen hire in London, it can be arduous to determine the right LED screen. To help you deal with this, here are some of the important features to keep in mind;

  • 1. Size: 

The most important aspect when choosing an LED screen hire is the size of the screen. It is important to consider the size of the audience so that the LED screen is visible to everyone. 

For getting the right-sized LED screen for your event, pay close attention to the size of the room and the distance of the audience from the screen. These 2 factors will help you to determine the right size of LED screen. 

  • 2. Resolution: 

Resolution comes into play as the most impactful feature in LED screens. Consider the pixel pitch as an important factor in giving high resolution. It has an inverse relation with the resolution, the shorter the pixel pitch is, the higher the resolution is. 

Better resolutions enhances the images quality with outstanding sharpness. It’s suggested to go for Ultra High Definition(UHD) screens, as they offer top image quality. 

  • 3. Functionality:

The functionality of an LED screen in an event is important to avoid errors during the event. It refers to display range of the LED for multimedia from documentaries, reports and presentation in an even. Pay equal attention to this feature to ensure the quality of you event. 

 4. Brightness:

Striking the right balance between black and white is an important aspect to cosider in LED screen hire. Setting the brightness according to indoor/outdoor usage is to attract people without paining their eyes. If the screen is too dull or too bright, it’ll not attract people’s attention. 

  • 5. Indoor/outdoor usage: 

The indoor or outdoor usage of LED screen is determined by the nature of the event. Mostly indoor LED screens are small in size and their brightness and sharpness differs from the outdoor LED screens. 

For outdoor usage, LED screens come in bigger size with better resolution and luminosity to make it visible for all viewers in open environment. 

Tips to pick the right LED screen hire in London:

LED screen hire is the go-to choice for businesses to brighten up their events. Deciding the right LED screen hire requires a whole thought process. To make it easier for you, here are some of the tips for LED screen hire in London.

  1. Consider the nature and size of your event.
  2. Consider the type of LED screen the event requires whether outdoor, indoor, flat, or curved screen.
  3. Look for a well-known screen hire in London
  4. Consider the market worth of the LED screen hire company
  5. The varieties of LED screens it provides for events
  6. The quality of services or technical support
  7. Previous clients’ reviews about the chosen LED screen hire
  8. Get a quote from the LED screen hire and ensure that it includes setup, delivery, and any other charges.
  9. Discuss the requirement for technical support beforehand. 
  10. Check the LED Screen to ensure it is properly working.
  11. Be considerate about the position and content of the LED screen during the event.

LED video wall hire is one of the reputable LED screen hire companies in London. If you’re looking to illuminate your business event with tenfold better services, you’re already at the right place. 


In the midst of successful events happening around in London, an LED screen hire is the ultimate way to lighten up the moods of your audience. To outshine your event, it’s important to choose a right LED screen hire company to tailor your events appropriately. Searching the right LED screen hire in london sounds difficult, but this guide will help you hire the needed LED screen more easily.


Are there any surprise charges when getting an LED screen hire in London?

Most companies don’t have hidden charges to surprise you in the final moments. Still, it’s suggested to discuss the expected potential cost with the LED screen hire company before signing a contract. 

Which factors mostly affect the cost of LED screen hire?

Rental duration, location, and event type affect the cost of LED screen hire besides size, resolution, and type of LED screen being used.

What are the additional charges besides renting an LED screen?

The additional charges may include delivery and setup see, equipment rental, technical support, content creation and insurance while renting an LED screen.

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