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Content should be the primary driving force behind any video wall display,
and there must be no distractions to compromise visual interference.

LED video wall technology advances lead to increased adoption of large-scale seamless LED displays. This is fantastic news for businesses looking for ways to display eye-catching, high-impact content to attract the client’s interest and avoid interrupted content.

Many technologies can be leveraged to create a video wall, and users can choose from tiled or discreet LCD flat panels, rear-projection cubes, or projection, among other options. While each option has advantages and disadvantages, seamless LED displays increasingly deliver significant advantages over older technologies.

Content can be displayed on individual screens or across multiple displays. These are perfect for high-impact events or exhibitions, in retail store displays, or to reach large audiences quickly and clearly at big public venues or airports. When mounted with near zero bezels, the screens create an almost continuous extra large-scale image.

As a result of RGB LEDs being fixed directly onto circuit boards (known as SMD) and reducing the space required for complex wiring, LED display technology is compact, slim and lightweight, providing superior brightness and black levels, enhanced contrast and excellent colour uniformity. Removing unsightly bezels removes the frustrating content interference that they cause, and no more do businesses have to build precariously balanced tiled walls of LCD TVs.

All together now

Traditional displays typically allow only one video signal or message to be displayed. However, seamless LED displays can have multiple calls. This allows a business to deliver more dynamic and interest-capturing content on different shows.

Another significant advantage of seamless LED displays over older technology is their flexibility. With impressive curved and even more impressive flexible designs, they can be easily shaped to fit practically any space. Direct-view LED walls are available in various aspect ratios and sizes to suit all budgets.

If it wished, a business could make a long ribbon display or one that wraps around a curved space. Shows can be shaped like a sphere, cube, pyramid, or column. The possibilities are truly endless.

Seamless LED video walls offer several advantages when compared to other technology, including:

  • Brightness, especially in outdoor daylight, is better.
  • Viewing angles are equal or superior.
  • Power consumption is comparable.
  • LED panel walls can be designed in enormous sizes
  • Modules and components can be quickly and affordably replaced instead of entire panels or displays.
  • The lifetime of typical LED panels is upwards of 100,000 hours (11.5 years)
  • LED displays have cable-free connectivity options
  • LED have superior black levels
  • LED displays have a fantastic curving ability due to the modularity and panel size

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