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In the past few years, outdoor LED screens have gained quite popularity. Some factors are considered to make outdoor LED video walls preferable, including vibrant, bright displays and the unique idea of having mesmerising and stunning visuals in the open environment. There are multiple industries where outdoor LED video walls are highly promoted, including sports events, presentations, concerts, and numerous coporate events.

You must be wondering where to start the search when it comes to choosing the right LED. Well, the first thing you need to do is analyse the main objective or pursuit of the event. You might think choosing the right company based on the event’s purpose is less important. 

Additionally, if you select a display that is not fully suitable for the event, it can kill the vibe and lead to a total waste of money. However, the following are some of the most mandatory features you must look for for an LED video wall hire to ensure a good-quality display. 

Environmental factors

In multiple regions of the world, the weather conditions vary. However, you need to analyse them to evaluate the personal requirements of the area in which you are looking forward to organising the event. Moreover, you need to assess whether any other environmental circumstances may intervene, including wind or extensive humidity. The LED video screens are usually built according to the weather conditions. All you have to do is find one that meets the environmental requirements. Moreover, such external factors affect the lifespan and durability of LED screens and require maintenance accordingly. 

If you are organising an event where the weather conditions are hot, LEDs will likely require backup cooling systems, usually known as thermal management systems. However, one more thing that needs to be considered is the resistance capabilities of the LED you are looking forward to buying and how capable the device’s design is of resisting external elements.

Reputed rental services

Nowadays, multiple service providers charge numerous hidden charges. Yet you need to confirm at the very beginning that they provide complete technical support as required. Moreover, you must check whether they offer solutions and customisation to ensure the LED screen fits perfectly. The service you choose will have a high impact on the event as everything depends on the visuals, which will be generated with sleek considerations and professional skills.

However, it would help if you determined how long the LED video wall service provider has been in the market. Moreover, it is essential to review the feedback provided by the customers who have availed themselves of the services in the past. This helps to ensure that the vendors work with the industry’s current trends to offer the most stunning yet advanced experiences. 

However, you can seek referrals from your circle to find the most suitable rental services for the event you are planning. 

Supervision and maintenance 

Maintenance and supervision must be discussed when you are looking forward to renting the LED screen for extended periods. Various events usually last longer, approximately 20-30 days, including some international conferences and extended art exhibitions. In such cases, you must confirm with your rentals that they will look forward to keeping the LED screen fully maintained as required. This will help ensure a good display and avoid malfunctioning throughout the event. 

Highly cost-effective

To ensure the success of your event, it is vital to find an option that fits within the budget, fulfils the requirements, and ensures durability. However, if you choose less-priced vendors, you may compromise the screen quality and the safety of your attendees. A reputed company provides a warranty for the equipment they provide as a service, which is quite valuable in any disastrous circumstances. 

However, keeping everything in view eventually, it is best to trust a reputable company, even if it costs more. Ultimately, smartly designed and constructed screens will lead to the high success rate of the event.

Display viewing angles

At multiple outdoor events like concerts, the crowd is very expanded. In such circumstances, it is crucial to hire an LED with maximum viewing angles. However, you need to ensure the good quality of the content displayed, as it is something that simply can’t be compromised. Usually, the wide viewing angle is essential for significant outdoor events. Moreover, the venue plays a vital role in such situations, such as large and distant venues, so the viewing angles need to be broad. 

However, multiple reputed companies provide a viewing angle of 120 degrees horizontally and vertically. 

Enhanced display quality 

This whole era is all about higher visual and display quality. You need to ensure that the LED you choose can draw all the attention based on the display and visuals. Undoubtedly, the display’s vibrancy and clarity highly impact the content you are trying to deliver. You need an LED display showing the actual colours accurately and precisely. It is essential to check whether the LED is providing a true-to-life colour.

Moreover, it is essential to determine the viewing distance before you choose an LED screen.

The pitch pixels play an indispensable role in this matter as they directly affect the visual quality. However, specifying the pixel pitch will be more expensive yet worth it. The pixel pitch requirement might vary from venue to venue, as well as other specifications for the event. Choosing the right pixel pitch can enhance the audience’s experience. 

Control for connectivity 

If you are hiring an outdoor LED screen, you need to make sure it has multiple connectivity options. The options might fall into various types of cables, including HDMI, VGA, or DVI. However, all of these cables are used to build a connection between the LED video wall and relevant devices, including laptops and PC systems. Additionally, if you are looking forward to projecting wireless screens, rent one with bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity features.

Choosing an outdoor LED is intimidating

Choosing the outdoor LED video wall for your event can be intimidating as there are multiple features and factors to look for in any company. The factors that affect the most include cost, display quality, durability, and reliability. You can look for good LED video wall hire options based on the mentioned factors and inquire further about the event’s requirements. 

However, for an array of creative and reliable visual choices, all you have to do is look at the multiple options to select from. LED Video Wall Hire is a well-known company in London that delivers a tailored solution that meets your event’s requirements. You can get the required consultancy before choosing the best option. 

Major advantages of outdoor LED screen

  1. Usually, outdoor LED video walls are mainly made of materials that are highly durable and reliable.
  2. One of the biggest advantages is that you can customise the brightness according to your venue’s requirements and the time of day. Moreover, it allows you to avoid any sort of sight fatigue and keeps you and your audience out of danger. 
  3. Additionally, the outdoor video walls are straightforward to install, yet they are moveable, so you can personalise the whole video wall system as needed. 
  4. If you select a good LED video wall hire company, they are more likely to withstand every type of weather condition. Moreover, it ensures a longer lifespan.


LED video walls have been a significant part of the event industry for an extended period. Whether indoor or outdoor, LED video screens are considered a mandatory part of any event. However, depending on the requirements, various features have proven highly beneficial for multiple events. 

Additionally, when looking for an LED video wall for an outdoor event, you must consider multiple factors that significantly affect the success rate of the event. It is essential to consider the size, brightness, lifespan, visual quality, and, most importantly, the price at which the companies offer the rental services. It is crucial to choose the right rental service providers that provide cutting-edge LED services so you can engage your audience with stunning visuals and significantly impact them. 

Tips for maximum visibility in outdoor events

If we talk about LEDs or visuals, the one mandatory thing that comes to mind is enhanced or high visibility. However, the following are some tips that will help achieve high visibility. 

  1. Select a suitable location for the installation of the LED video wall that complements visibility. Moreover, the placement of the LED can enhance the viewing angles and grab more attention. It is suitable to install the LED higher in highly crowded events to ensure maximum visibility. 
  2. Ensure that the visuals are vibrant. This small step has proven to be one of the most effective ones. The visuals of the event control the vibe and settle the atmosphere. The vibrancy and high resolution of the visuals ensure the audience’s maximum attention. 
  3. One of the most effective ways of grabbing attention and increasing visibility is to ensure that you use engaging and informative content. Ensure you are targeting the right audience with content that can profit from the information delivered. However, if it’s an entertaining social event, it is essential to customise it according to the LED placed. 

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