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LED video walls are not new, but they are certainly creating a buzz at events right now. These digital signages increase the visual appeal and are equally effective in outdoor and indoor places. What’s more, you can use LED display screens at any event to boost engagement levels.

Higher engagement is the reason why event organisers are looking for creative ways to use LED screens. The only thing that makes them hard to reach is their cost. That’s because it’s difficult to answer “how much does it cost to rent an LED wall.”

Different AV equipment suppliers provide different quotations for LED video wall hire. LED screen rental costs depend on a lot of factors, such as event needs and preferences. In this article, we will be discussing these aspects and features in detail.

But first, make sure that you are aware of:

How much does it cost to rent an LED wall?

LED video wall rental cost is not fixed as it varies from event to event. The LED wall may cost you anything between £700 and £10,000+, depending on its size and several other factors. AV suppliers typically rent an LED wall per sqm, and how many screens you are hiring. Also, you will be charged on a daily basis and will have to pay extra for every day.

So, the LED video wall rental cost is lower if you are hiring a small LED wall. The cost to rent an LED wall will rise with the increase in panels and go higher for large or multiple LED walls.

Now that you’ve come to know “how much does it cost to rent an LED wall,” let’s answer another quirky question.

Why do LED video wall suppliers don’t share the exact pricing?

The answer is simple; it’s not a pricing strategy but professional ethics. It’s hard for an AV company to mention exact LED video wall costs because there are so many factors involved. From the choice of indoor vs outdoor LED displays to video wall size, so many factors influence the costs.

Therefore, it’s always recommended to consult a professional LED video wall hire company to get suitable quotations. Local LED wall vendors can guide you better after considering your event needs, logistical requirements, and technical necessities.

9 Factors That Affect the Cost of LED Video Wall Hire

As highlighted, the cost of video wall hire is associated with several factors, including the peak season demand. So, before you start pondering “how much does it cost to rent an LED wall,” consider the following factors.

Type of LED Walls

Not all LED video walls are the same; they differ in terms of usage and features. The most prominent ones are the indoor and outdoor LED displays.

Direct View LED Walls

Outdoor LED video walls are the traditional displays and are often technically referred to as direct-view LEDs. These video walls come with a narrow profile and zero bezels. Their bezel-less design not only delivers a seamless experience but also makes it easy to connect multiple panels. Furthermore, you can easily mount them on a stand or wall.

Indoor LED Video Walls

As the name suggests, indoor LED walls are suitable for enclosed event venues like meeting halls and hotel rooms. These are high-resolution LED screens that deliver crispy visuals and an immersive experience to viewers.

LED Design 

LED video walls are available in various designs, and each has its own benefits. Below are the three main LED displays, along with their applications in the event industry.

Flat LED Video Walls

This traditional LED video wall consists of a large screen that includes multiple panels. It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor events that require a straight screen, such as conferences and meetings. Flat LED walls are cheaper than other display screens as they require changes in terms of shape.

Curved LED Walls

This is a more creative LED video wall design that requires display screens in a curved arrangement. Curved LED walls offer a more immersive visual experience and a wider view to the audience. You can get them in a convex or concave shape to make the video wall more eye-catching. 

Curved video walls are more suitable for live event production or concerts, where these are used as stage backdrop screens. However, these are also used by corporate organisations at exhibitions and trade shows.

Transparent LED Display

Suitable for advertisement, transparent LED displays offer the best of their kind to viewers. These LED video walls are ultra-clear displays that let you see through the wall. Transparent LED walls are expensive but provide inimitable visual experiences to viewers. These are usually used at exhibitions or exterior commercial windows for advertising and branding purposes.

LED Wall Size

Of course, the desired size of your LED wall will impact the price. A normal LED panel comes in 500 x 500 size, but you’ll need more than one. The larger the audience, the bigger the video wall will be, and you’ll need more LED panels for that.

To get an exact idea of the LED wall size, you’ll have to provide the venue dimensions as well. Typically, the size of the display wall is dependent on the stage depth and ceiling height. You should also measure the distance from the first row to the place where you’ll be placing the LED wall. 

Resolution of LED Display

When it comes to events, full HD (1080p) is the ideal LED wall resolution. Then, there is the question of ideal pixel pitch, which is inversely proportional to the potential resolution. The pixel pitch of your LED video wall also determines the minimum viewing distance from the screen.

In general, a 1 mm pixel pitch means the minimum viewing distance will be 1 metre. Also, don’t forget to consider the content format ratio (16:9 or 4:3) when selecting your video wall resolution.

Event Type

The cost of LED wall rental for corporate events is different than for social events. So, you should learn how to choose the right LED video wall rental for your exhibition stand or gala event.

The good thing is that you can hire LED Video walls for:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • AGM’s
  • Fundraisers
  • Gala Dinners
  • Award Ceremonies

Duration of LED Display Rental

Clearly, the duration of the rental significantly affects the overall cost. As per the industry norms in the audiovisual sector, extended rental periods typically come with reduced daily or weekly rates in contrast to short-term rentals. However, there are AV production companies that extend discounts for prolonged rentals.

Moreover, the rental cost is influenced by the local availability of equipment and the demand for LED walls. In regions where the demand is high, or the supply is limited, rental prices are likely to be higher.

Transportation and Logistics

AV hire suppliers factor in the transportation costs when renting LED video walls. So, you should try hiring a local vendor to avoid hefty transportation charges. AV companies often add logistic expenses to the bill if your event venue is beyond a certain distance. So, the farther the distance, the higher the potential cost you might incur.

Technical Support

Let’s be honest; you cannot install the LED video wall on your own at your event. You’ll need assistance and technical support, which will surely increase the overall LED video wall rental cost. LED video walls with special customization or features may cost a higher rental fee. Also, complicated installations, such as LED stands or unique mounting options, could increase the rental charges.

Additional Equipment and services

Needless to say, the cost of LED video wall rental will increase if you need additional AV equipment. You may need a sound system, microphones, and lighting to decorate the stage. Also, your LED wall provider may charge you for content creation and management or additional cabling.

Final Note

Knowing “how much does it cost to rent an LED wall” is essential for an event planner and organiser. However, there are several factors that may impact the LED video wall rental cost. You’ll have to consider multiple factors, starting from event type and audience size to rental duration and logistics.

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