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Various ways of engaging the audience are introduced in the market to keep up with the client’s satisfaction. Similarly, nowadays, the LED wall hire is an efficient way of grabbing attention and achieving the goal of delivering the right content to the audience. In 2021, the LED video walls market size was valued at £16 billion. However, with a growth rate of CAGR of 11.8%, the market is looking forward to generating a revenue of 47.5 billion by 2030. 

The demand is increasing tremendously as you can customise the content however you want per the client’s preferences. It’s becoming totally unbeatable as it has numerous benefits, making choosing them for events easier and more effective.

LED wall hire

Well, an LED video wall is a big screen that allows the display of any sort of content, including PPTS, videos, pictures, or anything just required to be in graphical form. It comprises small light-emitting diodes, making it easier to provide quality content with less hassle. However, it’s a flat panel with light-emitting diodes, which help display the picture on the screen. 

It mainly consists of 3 different colours, blue, green, and red, which are intermixed to make graphics and patterns of other colours depending on the brightness of the light. In the initial times, almost a decade or more ago, LED video walls were used typically for outdoor events. However, since the RGB LED colours were introduced, it’s been a big hit for the whole LED video wall market. 


Pixels have evolved over time, and pixel densities have been improved alongside. Since it’s painted all black, the visual differences between LCD and LED are nearly nonexistent. However, this will allow us to eliminate the reflectance and separate the illuminations by the shadows amongst the lights. 


LED video walls are constructed on a flat panel with multiple displays precisely distributed on a flat panel. Meanwhile, it is essential to keep in mind the viewing distance as you may require more fine and smooth pixels if the audience is going to view it closely. 

Types of LED media wall 

Let’s discuss some of the major types of LED media walls. There are a variety of LED video walls. However, the following are the most commonly used;

  1. Direct view walls 

Direct-view walls have been used for multiple outdoor events. They are considered the traditional LED as they do not have bezels and a narrow profile. However, they have evolved to deliver more explicit and seamless experiences in the event by mounting. It can produce and display high-resolution content even with a pixel pitch of 0.9mm. Direct-view walls are flexible and can be fit in any form. However, this type of LED media wall is pretty expensive compared to other types. Moreover, they are more likely to consume higher voltage.

  1. Indoor LED video walls 

Surface-mounted LEDs are used to make indoor LED video displays. These LED video walls are designed in a curved shape. Moreover, they are usually high in resolution and are nearly the solution for indoor events in different industries, including education, entertainment, and advertisement.

  1. Blended projection walls 

Multiple projectors are assembled together to generate a particular shape. The main idea behind doing this is that it provides crystal clear pictures with great resolution compared to a single projector. 

The best type to choose! 

Finding and choosing the right type of LED media wall is very essential. Not all the LEDs are suitable for the kind of event you are looking forward to conducting. Choose the best type of LED wall hire to enhance your event further. However, some major differences are explained below to ensure which type of LED media wall is best to integrate. 

Direct view walls Indoor LED video walls Blended projection walls
Technological differences Singular LED modules are used to get smooth and even display direct-view walls. 
In order to generate seamless and smooth displays, indoor video walls use  LED technology A variety of projectors are combined to build a composite image.
Applicability It can be used for indoor and outdoor events. It is highly dependent on the type of event. As apparent by the name, it’s quite essential for indoor settings. Highly promoted for the big events. Like extravagant parties or big concerts to build an atmosphere. 
Smooth pixels The direct view is based on a single module, providing a crystal clear screen and smooth pixels. Smooth pixels and gapless even screen.It requires some precise integration to get a seamless display.
Screen display Projects bright screen in any situation. Highly visible in any sort of event. A high bright screen ensures everything is visible enough in any indoor event. It is totally dependent on each and every projector integrated to make a screen. 
Expenses It is above average to the high end and expensive. Totally based on the size, pixel display or the company you are purchasing from. There are a variety of aspects that highly affect the total expenses of indoor LED video walls. They might include the size of the company and a few more.  It is way less expensive than other screens and video walls. However, it’s even bigger in size and has fewer expenses. 
Maintenance It doesn’t require much maintenance compared to other LED wall types. It is considered to be the one requiring the least maintenance and works the best. Blended projectors might require continuous maintenance service. Based on the number of projectors, there’s a high chance of technical glitches.  

As mentioned above, all the key factors are thoroughly explained. Let’s discuss other questions that might pop up in your mind while selecting an LED media wall.


What are LED media walls used for?

There are a variety of occasions and events where LED video walls are highly demanded to create an ambience and smoothly deliver the content. One of them is the following;

  1. Corporate sectors 
  2. Fashion shows
  3. Exhibitions
  4. Educational purposes
  5. Cinemas
  6. Theatres 
  7. Conference

The list continues as it’s upon the will of the event planner and producer where they feel like integrating the LED walls. 

What key factors might affect the cost of LED media walls?

A few factors might affect the LED video walls’ cost and expenses

  1. Mainly the type of LED video wall.
  2. Size of the Led
  3. The company you are looking forward to purchasing from.
  4. The quality of the pixels. 
  5. Insurance 
  6. Inclusion of affiliated equipment 
  7. The resolution

What is the difference between 3.9mm pixels and 2.9 LED walls? 

Well, most people don’t know about technicalities like this, so making it easy for you to have a 3.9 mm pixel pitch LED panel is equivalent to 128×128 resolution and includes over 16,000 LEDs. However, the 2.9mm pixel LED panel has a resolution of around 168×168, including over 28,000.

Which LED wall is better, P3 or P4?

It’s all about the pixel in a fixed area, which is way more in P3 than P4. 

P3 number of pixels=111,111- on area of 1 square metre.

P4 number of pixels 62,500 – in an area of 1 square metre. 

However, the maximum number of pixels is likely to be a picture with high quality and clear view. 

What are the additional charges other than renting an LED video wall?

The additional charges may include delivery and setup, equipment rental, technical support, content creation and insurance while renting an LED screen. 

What industries can benefit from LED screen advertising?

LED screen advertising can benefit businesses that thrive on attracting considerable audiences and bringing more traffic to their brand. LED screen advertising is used now in various industries, including retail, restaurants, cinemas, sports, event production, hospitality businesses, and more.


Since the event industry is rapidly evolving, however, with all the new technologies, the most essential factor we need to keep in mind is the key to choosing the right product for the event; otherwise, it’s all a waste. Similarly, LED media walls are everywhere nowadays, and all affiliated fields utilise video wall hire to accomplish different goals. RGB colours have played an essential role in upgrading the LED video wall industry. Suppose you are looking forward to integrating an LED wall in your event or for advertising. In that case, you must consider the above-explained aspects and critically evaluate each type to find the best for you!

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