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LED video walls have evolved since the 1970s when they were first invented with basic functionalities.  However, video walls have evolved totally, as they are typically used as the main source of entertainment in almost every event nowadays. They are highly preferable for delivering the required content to the audience and broadcasting mesmerising visuals to engage the audience. 

If we simply look at the statistics, the universal LED video wall generated around 1929.2 million by the end of 2022. However, it is estimated to grow by 2029 with a revenue generation of 2765.1 million, a rate of 5.2%. In this blog, we will be discussing the main aspects of LED video wall hire and how you can find one that is considered the best one for your event.

What is an LED video wall?

It’s a large screen made up of light-emitting diodes, which facilitates the provision of visual content, including videos and images.  It’s a large, massive screen combined with the small luminous panels. However, these panels are seamlessly snapped together so that the visuals are displayed smoothly on the whole panel without any discontinuity. 

What are the types of LED video walls?

Whatever the event type is, you can find the best LED screen wall to integrate, which perfectly suits your requirements. Following are the three most commonly used types of LED video walls

  1. Direct view walls 

Direct-view walls are mainly used for outdoor events. It’s a cutting-edge solution that usually offers seamless and mesmerising visuals in different event settings. Large display panels are used in order to create smooth, top-notch quality displays. 

  1. Offers high brightness and visibility in any sort of lighting situation. 
  2. Provides seamless yet new experience.
  3. You can easily personalise it for various 
  4. Indoor LED video walls

Indoor LED video walls are used for the indoor display. They are high in resolution and have a low pixel pitch to deliver crystal clear display. There are a variety of industries in which indoor LED walls are used routinely on a daily basis. E.g., educational and corporate. 

  1. Perfect display contrast for indoor events. 
  2. High brightness. 
  3. Low pixel pitch to deliver clear, close visuals. 
  4. Bexel-free and sleek look. 
  1. Blended project walls 

Various projectors are attached together to make a blended project wall. This process is completed with precision and clarity to deliver a clear display with high resolution. It is usually used in large-scale events with big crowds. 

  1. Blended project walls are less expensive than other LED screens. 
  2. Highly flexible with the screen size and shape.
  3. It can easily be used on any sort of surface, especially to give the most realistic and amusing experience. 


Mostly, people do not understand how LED screens are better than LCD screens. Here’s a brief difference between both screens.

1.LEDs have better viewing angles as they are completely independent of spread light. LCDs, on the other hand, do not have a much clearer view.
2.LEDs are considerably more energy efficient as they consume less current. LCDs are likely to consume more current than LEDs. 
3.LED screens are slim and lightweight in structure.LCDs have a thick and heavy structure.
4.Very easy to install due to its smart structure.Requires quite resources, time, and effort to install. 
5.Very efficient and quick response time. Response time is slow as compared to LED TVs. 
6.Very good and improved colour accuracy, leading to vibrant visuals. The display is not as good as LED TVs. 
7.An LED video wall is easy to carry as you can break it into pieces and fold it. It’s not very easy to carry along. 
8.LED screen is a little more expensive as it has a longer life span. LCD screens are less expensive than LED TVs.
9.Doesn’t require much maintenance. Require maintenance more than LED screens. 
    10.The life span of an LED video wall is 3650 days.The life span of LCD is only 125 days.

Factors driving the market share of LED walls 

There are various factors that help to contribute however, if we talk about the core factor, which is a total game changer, is the quality. Additionally, the quality doesn’t mean the display quality but the overall product quality, including the devices and material used to build it up. Let’s discuss some of the factors which are highly affecting the market;

  1. Marketing campaigns play a vital role, especially on such a vast scale, and it’s been quite a trend since then.
  2. We have been in a pandemic for around two years, right after the rapid increase in the market was recorded. People have realised the importance of living outside and big after the lockdown. 
  3. Customisation is a new requirement of every client. Led video walls are very effective when customising a variety of features to make everything more personalised. 
  4. Eventually, it’ll be available in good quality and fully customisable, and its prices will be reasonably compared to other display facilities. 
  5. Video walls easily grab attention. So it’s better to provide awareness through it with news, announcements and anything you would like to display. 
  6. The tech industry is evolving rapidly, whether augmented reality or virtual reality, and video walls are looking forward to adopting the highest standards. To make sure that they are part of this ongoing trend to stay all-in into the business models. 

How LED video walls are contributing?

Well, the best thing about LED video walls is that they are highly customizable. All you have to do is provide all the real-time data regarding your personal preferences while interacting with the LED display, including what you like the most, what one thing wasn’t very exciting, and how you want it to be. This gathered information is used to design the most creative and reliable services to ensure higher conversion rates. Such practices allow the company to grow in the market. 

The technology is getting better with every passing day. The revenue generation and investment rates are going higher than ever. The LED video wall works wonders for event planners and producers as they can play with the visuals to make it creative and alluring. This allows the maximum attention to be captured and the focus to be drawn to the content presented. Using video walls, you can make any boring corporate event an attention-grabbing, fun gathering. 

Considerable aspect while choosing LED wall hire 

Mostly, the success rate depends on how much effort you put into choosing the best video wall for the event. You must keep a few aspects in mind when selecting the LED wall hire for the event. 

  1. Size 

The best feature is that it can be customised in any size and shape. You need to analyse what size you require for your event and select your LED video wall accordingly. However, if you feel confused regarding estimating the required size, use the following questions to get to a conclusion. 

  • What is the event type?
  • Estimated number of audience?
  • What’s the size of the venue? 
  1. Pitch 

It’s all about the quality and clarity of the graphics, which are determined by the pixel pitch. If you are looking forward to having a higher resolution and a good clear screen, you need to look for a smaller pitch. However, there are a variety of pixel pitches used for various events, and it totally depends on the audience. You can determine which type of pixel pitch you are looking forward to by evaluating with the following questions. 

  1. Estimated crowd? 
  2. Will the audience be near the LED or at a distance? 

If the crowd is quite big, make sure to choose LEDs with a high dot pitch. Meanwhile, if the crowd is small and compact near the LED, make sure to select the small pixel pitch. 

  1. Usage

Moreover, the selection of the LED video wall also depends on its usage as well. First, you need to understand that different LED pixels are used for indoor and outdoor events. So, if you are looking forward to planning an event, make sure to choose a pixel pitch. However, if it’s an outdoor event, you can simply go with the high-pixel pitch. 

Additionally, if it’s outdoor, you need to ensure all the equipment is weatherproof and choose a brighter screen than usual. 

Better to rent an LED video wall!

You need to analyse how often you need the LED. Many people just need the LED once or twice, and buying an LED for two events isn’t justifiable. The LED video walls can turn out to be really expensive. However, if you are an event planner or a business person who owns an advertising company, it is suitable for you to buy one. 

Furthermore, you can get affiliated with a company that provides LED video walls at lower rates. 

How are LED walls better than traditional billboards?

LED video walls are also known as modern-age billboards as they provide various benefits compared to traditional billboards. Let’s discuss how LED walls are better; 

  1. Provides interactive experiences 

A static billboard provides only a single type of content; however, LED screens offer fully interactive experiences to the clients. It is very effective psychologically, as it leaves a long-lasting expression.  

  1. Leverage for flexible content 

A static billboard only displays a single message. However, LED screen walls can deliver multiple messages, and the content can easily be varied according to the audience’s requirements. 

  1. Flexible software 

The software-controlled LED video wall can cater to any type of situation, including managing the display to maintain the illuminating beauty of the LED walls at any time of the day. 

  1. Perfect for advertisements

LED video walls can significantly play the video advertisement, so they are more likely to grab extra attention. However, they are capable of using top-notch graphics with clarity to produce interest and curiosity. Meanwhile, the billboards are steady and must be replaced with new ones to change the message. 

How much does an LED video wall cost?

LED video wall prices vary on the basis of a few different factors. Including the size, quality, type of installation, and pixel pitch. However, with a rough estimate, the lowest it can go is $95,000, and the average maximum could be $50,000+. Here are the factors affecting the cost of LED walls;

  1. Size 

The size of the product directly affects the cost of the LED wall. Additionally, if you are unsure what size you require for the event, you must take advice from the consultant provided by the company. All you have to do is explain the venue size and the content you are willing to display; they will surely guide you accordingly. 

  1. Panel Quality 

Well, the quality matters the most. Don’t fall for the low price you inquired about regarding the quality of the LED panel. Surely, you don’t want to spend the same cost after a month or two by purchasing a low-quality LED wall. If the company is providing serviceability and insurance for a specific time period and including the extra features in the same quote and, in the end, falls in the mid-to-high price range, it’s a steal deal. 

  1. Installation cost 

The installation cost usually affects the final quote. However, it is essential to get your LED video wall installed by the company as they know all the technicalities and how to do it right. 

  1. Pixel pitch 

Pixel pitch and viewing difference can really impact the cost of the LED video wall. Considerably, 3.9 mm and 2.9mm LED screens are currently known as the best value in the market. 

Where can you use LED video walls? 

LED video walls are one of the most important requirements of any event. Rather than spending money on expensive decor, the event host must rent an LED video wall. It makes sure that your event always outshines. Here are some of the following events where you can utilise LED screens. 

  • Press conferences
  • Fashion Shows
  • Seminars
  • Fundraisers
  • Venue Showcases
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Product Launches
  • Film/Match screenings
  • Conference
  • Outdoor events/Concerts
  • Dinners
  • AGMS (Annual General Meetings)


Mention the aspects affecting the total cost of LED video walls.

  1. Rental duration
  2. Location
  3. Event type 
  4. Size
  5. Resolution
  6. Type of LED screen being used.

All of the aspects mentioned above affect the cost of the LED video wall. 

What could be the additional costs apart from renting an LED video wall?

The extra costs may include delivery and installation, equipment rental, technical support, content creation, and insurance while renting an LED wall. 

Suggest the best LED video wall rental in London.

It’s always challenging to find the best, but your town has the best LED wall rental available. LED video wall hire offers the best services in different regions of the UK.  

What is the importance of choosing the right type of LED wall system?

Finding and choosing the right type of LED media wall is essential. Not all LEDs are suitable for the kind of event you are looking forward to conducting. Choose the best type of LED wall hire to enhance your event further. However, here are some major differences explained below to make sure which type of LED media wall is the best one to integrate.

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